Educator: Kari Fuller

Course Length: (20 min)


– Learn everything from installation to removal
– Complete demonstration of Micro Bonding process
– High-definition video streaming


Babe’s new Micro Bonding technique allows stylists to customize Babe’s Fusion Extensions into smaller strands using the Babe Fusion Cutter. These strands are then installed in very small sections and can even be installed above the crown of the head! They’re practically unnoticeable—even up close! As long as there is hair to be attached to, they can be installed to give up to double the volume. And because they’re so light, they won’t put extra stress on the hair.

Kari will teach you how to properly customize the fusion bonds using the Micro Bonding technique, explaining the difference between installing and removing Micro Bonds from the client’s hair.

She’ll cover installation tips for creating long bangs, for using the Micro Bonding technique to create baby highlights, as well as the different patterns of installations.

What you’ll need:
 · Fusion Hair Extensions
 · Fusion Cutter
 · Protector Disks
 · Velcro Hair Grippers
 · Quick Pick Hair Parter
 · Hair Clips
 · Melting Connector
 · Keratin Bond Remover
 · Hair Extension Tool

Blending and Styling Tools:
 · Shears
 · Hair Cutting Scissors
 · Feathering Razor
 · Comb

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